How to Join

$20 a year for the family to fly rockets with us all year!  New memberships are "pro-rated" by remaining quarter year, $5 per quarter. So $20 in January/March, $15 April/June, $10 for July/September, $5 for October/November/December.

Please bring the form to a launch with the membership fees.   

If you are a current member, please check the member roster at the next launch to verify your contact information is accurate. If you are not listed, it means we have not yet received your membership form or payment.  We are currently working on rebuilding the roster information and should have current members posted soon.

If you are a new member, or an inactive member who wishes to re-activate your membership, please download the membership form, fill it out, print it, include payment, and mail it to the address specified or bring to the next launch.

If you are an active member, please check your contact information on the roster at the next launch.

 Download Membership Form (in pdf)